Course Content Summaries

Course Content Summaries provide a concise statement of essential course information. The summary include course information (e.g., discipline and course number, course title and description) as well as the General Course Purpose. Students will find what they can expect to learn by reading the course outcomes. The list of the major topics allows insight into what will be covered in the course.

Germanna offers courses in a variety of formats and participates in a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Shared Services Distance Learning initiative to expand online course offerings for all twenty-three Virginia community colleges. SSDL online courses are identified by the letter S in the section code (e.g., CHI 101-WS01). Germanna students can register and pay Germanna tuition rates for these online SSDL courses. Course Content Summaries for SSDL courses can be found at:; click on "Description" for detailed course information.

Course Content Summaries are a resource for students who need more information about courses offered at Germanna. Academic advisors can access Course Content Summaries to enrich the advising experience. Faculty teaching a new course may find Course Content Summaries to be useful to course development. Students at four-year institutions who need prior approval to transfer a Germanna course back to their college/university can access course information here.

To locate a particular Course Content Summery, click on the appropriate discipline below. Doing so will take you to a list of courses offered. Click on the course title to access the Course Content Summary. To navigate to another discipline, click on the link at the bottom of the list and choose the discipline.

Whatever your reason for reviewing Germanna’s Course Content Summaries, we hope you find this to be a valuable resource.